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Product series

Brand name: Tuotaimu FFP2(KN95) mask

Function: dust and germs prevention 

Color : White

Manufacturer: Shanghai Tuotaimu Medical Technology Co.,Ltd

Execution standard: Domestic GB2626-2006

Protection Grade: qualified

Material: Non-woven fabric, thickened two-layer Melt-blown fabric,ES-cotton

Export qualification: EU CE certification

No. 3 a200324f. STT0U13

Technical Construction File no. TT-TTMD /24.03.2020


Product series Usage Guide

It is mainly used for professional dustproof in industrial and mining enterprises with good dustproof effect and good sealing effect,but the Face Masky resistance is large, inconvenient to wear for a long time, otherwise easy to damage the Face Masky system.

The entire FFP2(KN95) mask should be discarded when any part of the mask is damaged, broken, ormissing (such as nose clip, nose clip pad) or when Face Masky resistance apparently increased .

The mask should be hung in a designated storage area between use or placed in a clean, breathable container (for example, a paper bag). To minimize potential cross-contamination, store masks separately, avoid contact with each other, and clearly identify mask users. Storage containers should be treated or cleaned regularl。


Design Drawing

Product Features


Protective breathing is more comfortable

Three-dimensional cutting process

Melt spraying cloth key filter material



1、Open the outer

Open the outer packing belt of the mask, take out the mask and open it, pay attention to the position of the wide side, there is a long rubber strip.


When equipped with a mask, the adhesive tape should be placed on the bridge of the nose and hung on the ear.

3、 After

After hanging the pull belt, pay attention to the position of the tape to the face of the skin press several times, do not leave a gap, let it and the skin closely.


Finally, arrange the position of the mask on the face, and the mask is ready.